Welcome to my website. Here you will find information relevant to your
decision-making on matters of trade negotiations, trade policy and consulting. On
this site, I will share with you some information about me, how I work, the subjects
that interest me, some of my recent publications and speaking engagements and
how I can be reached. You will also find periodic news updates on developments in
world trade, commentaries and analysis on topical issues from time to time. It is my
hope that you enjoy your site visit and feel free to contact me or tell a friend about
this site.
The overriding objectives of this site are twofold. First, to share information as it
emerges within the field of international trade and economic negotiations,
particularly within the World Trade Organization (WTO), and key bilateral trade
negotiations like the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that developing
countries, especially those of the Caribbean Region and Eastern and Southern
Africa are currently engaged in, with the European Union (EU). Second, to provide a
platform for communication and exchange with like-minded individuals in the
pursuit of long-term, workable solutions to the problems of developing countries,
especially their integration into the world economy.
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trade negotiations, policy research and consulting
Welcome to my website
My objectives
What's new!
Ethiopia's Trade and
Investment: Policy
Priorities for the New
Ethiopia's Trade and
Investment: Policy
Priorities for the
New Government
In the context of a newly
elected Government in
Ethiopia, with a new
development strategy:
Ethiopia's Growth and
Transformation Plan
Dan Ciuriak and I look at  
a number of
factors that
have held back
Ethiopia's trade
that are
amendable to policy
treatment and
recommend a set of
priority initiatives for the
new government.
Preville & Associates Consulting Group helps Grenada develop Export Strategy
Dr. Preville Presents National Trade Policy to Stakeholders in Papua New Guinea
Advancing the Work Programme on Small Economies in the WTO
Dr. Preville assists Belize to Develop a Plan to Implement the CARIFORUM-EU EPA
Working Paper on Small Economies Published with the Commonwealth Secretariat
Preville and Associates
Consulting Group
launches new
consulting services
On July 4, 2012 I officially
launched a new consulting
business with a focus on
negotiations, business,
management and
development. The new
firm is registered and
located in Castries, St.
Lucia and offers its
services to clients all over
the world
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