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About Online Shopping
Frequently asked questions and issues about online
This page addresses frequently asked questions and issues about shopping
online in general and on my website in particular. It covers the following issues:
accepting credit and debit cards; payment through PayPal; what are E-Books;
method of delivery of E-Books; downloading and saving E-Books; and copyrights.
Accepting Credit and Debit Cards Online
Online shopping and payment using credit or debit cards has become one of the
most popular ways for purchase of digital products on the Internet. It has also
become one of the most popular ways to purchase "physical products" that are
subsequently delivered to customers a few days to several weeks later.

However, customers are sometimes concerned about their safety and security of
making payments online. Before making a payment online it is advisable to know
about the security methods that are used for accepting credit cards as well as the
confidentiality of private data.

All credit card payments made on this website are processed through PayPal,
using VeriSign SSL Security. VeriSign is the most reputable security provider on
the Internet.
PayPal is one of the largest and most reputable online payment services on the
Internet. You can visit
www.paypal.com to learn more about their services. More
than 160 million online shoppers use PayPal. PayPal offers the possibility of
making a payment directly using your debit or credit card or through your PayPal
account if you are a member.

When a payment is made your credit or debit card details are processed through
PayPal's secure servers. PayPal does not transmit debit or credit card details to
any third party including this website.
Credit and Debit Card Payments with PayPal
An E-Book is a book that can be accessed electronically via the Internet. These
books are subjected to the same usage rules as a printed book. The most
common method for production of E-Books is through the use of Adobe Acrobat
Writer. This creates a portable data file (PDF), which can be read using
Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free.
What are E-Books?
Delivery and Downloading of E-Books
Most E-Books are delivered either directly by email or by redirection of the buyer to
a download area after they are purchased. The method used on this website is to
redirect the buyer to a secure download area after purchase and simultaneously
transmit the address for the download via email to the buyer. In this manner the
buyer is assured of privacy in accessing his or her purchase.

The method used also applies authentication of payments based on encrypted
tokens sent by PayPal after they have processed a payment. In cases where a
payment is not automatically authenticated there may be a delay is receiving the
All E-Books purchased through this website are subject to the usual copyrights of
the author. As such, they should not be traded or used in any manner without the
prior approval of the author.
Featured E-book
"Sir Arthur Lewis’s Vision
and the Economics of
Regional Integration in
CARICOM: Cultural
Industries and the
prospect for a new

A Public Lecture based
on this article was
delivered at the University
of Pennsylvania,
September 29, 2007. It
features Sir Arthur
Lewis's work on regional
integration and points to
the potential of cultural
industries as a new
avenue for economic
growth in CARICOM.
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