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"Banana Trade in the Caribbean", in J. R. Deep Ford et al. (eds) Agricultural trade
policy and food security in the Caribbean: Structural issues, multilateral
negotiations and competitiveness
, FAO, 2007.                                                           
“Impact of Changes in the European Union’s policy for banana imports on the
Eastern Caribbean Region (1992-2002)”, in R. Grynberg and (eds)
WTO at the
, Cambridge University Press, 2006.                                                    Order Here
“Caribbean Economies in the FTAA Negotiations”, in Kisanja and Briguglio (eds)
Economic Vulerability and Resilience of Small States, Commonwealth Secretariat
and University of Malta, 2004.
Trade Liberalization under Imperfect Competition: An analysis of the European
Union’s market for banana imports
. Maastricht, The Netherlands: Shaker
Publishing BV, 2002.                                                                                            
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trade negotiations, policy research and consulting
"The Establishment of the CSME as Manifestation of Sir Arthur Lewis's Vision for
the Caribbean", in E. Kisanja and (eds)
Commonwealth Small States Issues,
Commonwealth Secretariat, 2007.                                                                     
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Tariff Reduction Formulas in Non-Agricultural Market Access  (NAMA) Negotiations:
Impact of Alternative Modalities on CARICOM Consolidated Tariff Schedules
, June
22, 2004.
Selected Unpublished Policy Briefs
Does the sequence of completion of FTAs between CARICOM and other regional
trade blocs matter?,
September 12, 2006.
Implementing the CARICOM-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities for
trade creation and expansion between CARICOM and Costa Rica,
September 8,
CARICOM-US Bilateral Free Trade Agreement: Analysis of Trade in Goods, April
12, 2006.
Non Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) for the OECS States: Empirical Analysis
and Isolation of a List of Sensitive Products,
 March 14, 2006.
Differentiated Tariffs as an Alternative for Replacing the Existing EU Banana
Regime: Some Additional Thoughts and Issues for Consideration
, Paper prepared
for the Second International Banana Conference
, Brussels, April 28 – 30, 2005.