The following reports and publications have been completed within
the last twenty years for various clients:
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"24. Banana Trade in the Caribbean", in J. R. Deep Ford et al. (eds) Agricultural trade
policy and food security in the Caribbean: Structural issues, multilateral negotiations
and competitiveness
, FAO, 2007.                                                           
28. “Impact of Changes in the European Union’s policy for banana imports on the
Eastern Caribbean Region (1992-2002)”, in R. Grynberg and (eds)
WTO at the
, Cambridge University Press, 2006.                                                    Order Here
33. “Caribbean Economies in the FTAA Negotiations”, in Kisanja and Briguglio
Economic Vulerability and Resilience of Small States, Commonwealth
Secretariat and University of Malta, 2004.
34. Trade Liberalization under Imperfect Competition: An analysis of the European
Union’s market for banana imports
. Maastricht, The Netherlands: Shaker Publishing
BV, 2002.                                                                                            
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"23. The Establishment of the CSME as Manifestation of Sir Arthur Lewis's Vision for the
Caribbean", in E. Kisanja and (eds)
Commonwealth Small States Issues,
Commonwealth Secretariat, 2007.                                                                     
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31. Tariff Reduction Formulas in Non-Agricultural Market Access  (NAMA)
Negotiations: Impact of Alternative Modalities on CARICOM Consolidated Tariff
, June 22, 2004.
26. Does the sequence of completion of FTAs between CARICOM and other
regional trade blocs matter?,
September 12, 2006.
32. Implementing the CARICOM-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities
for trade creation and expansion between CARICOM and Costa Rica,
8, 2004.
29. CARICOM-US Bilateral Free Trade Agreement: Analysis of Trade in Goods,
April 12, 2006.
27. Non Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) for the OECS States: Empirical
Analysis and Isolation of a List of Sensitive Products,
 March 14, 2006.
30. Differentiated Tariffs as an Alternative for Replacing the Existing EU Banana
Regime: Some Additional Thoughts and Issues for Consideration
, Paper prepared
for the Second International Banana Conference
, Brussels, April 28 – 30, 2005.
1. Trade and Investment Opportunities in Key Sectors That are Relevant to European
Business Operators, (Technical Report prepared for PNG-EU Business Conference
under TradeComII Programme), 07/2019                                                          
2. Impact Study of Free Trade Agreements Between Australia and Papua New
Guinea, Final Report (Prepared for the National Trade Office of Papua New Guinea)
3. Final Conference Report, (Technical Report prepared for PNG-EU Business
Conference under TradeCom II Programme), 06/2019         
4. The Investment Climate–Doing Business in Papua New Guinea in General,
(Technical Report prepared for PNG-EU Business Conference under TradeCom II
Programme), 06/2019
5. The 2018 Investment Climate Assessment Survey and Report for Saint Lucia,
(Prepared for the Department of Commerce, International Trade, Investment,
Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Government of Saint Lucia) 11/2018
6. Proposed Incentives Regimes and Marketing Plans for Lesotho’s Globally
Competitive Products Under the New Products, New Markets Scheme Analysis,
Final Report (Prepared for the Commonwealth Secretariat) 11/2018
7. E-commerce Development – Policy Considerations for Small Developing
Countries, (Prepared by Teddy Y Soobramanien, Claudius Preville and Anthony
Ming) 03/2017
8. Grenada National Export Strategy (2017–2021), (Final Report Prepared for the
Commonwealth Secretariat) 01/2017
9. Papua New Guinea’s National Trade Policy (2017-2032) 07/2017
10. Botswana’s National Aid for Trade Strategy, (Report prepared for Ministry of
Investment, Trade and Industry through Commonwealth Secretariat) 08/2016
11. Advancing the Work Programme on Small Economies in the Post-Nairobi
context, (Paper prepared for the Commonwealth Secretariat), 03/2016
12. Dominica Services Sector Policy and Expansion Plan, (Report prepared for the
Dominica Coalition of Service Industries) 11/2014

13. Belize National EPA Implementation Plan, (Prepared for the Government of
Belize) 01/2014
14. Saint Kitts and Nevis National EPA Implementation Plan, (Prepared for the
Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis) 03/2014
15. Revision of Saint Lucia’s Tourism Incentives Act (chapter 15.30 of The Laws of
Saint Lucia), (Report prepared for the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative
Industries) 08/2014
16. Joint Pacific Island Nations-United States of America Trade and Investment
Study: The Caribbean Basin Initiative, (Prepared for the Pacific Islands Forum
Secretariat) 09/2014
17. Saint Lucia National EPA Implementation Plan, (Prepared for the Government
of Saint Lucia) 07/2013
18. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines National EPA Implementation Plan,
(Prepared for the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) 07/2013
19. Antigua and Barbuda National EPA Implementation Plan, (Prepared for the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda) 06/2013
20. Ethiopia’s Trade and Investment: Policy Priorities for the New Government”,
(Paper prepared and presented at the Ethiopian Management Professionals
Association with Dan Ciuriak, 09/2010)
21. Fulfilling Strategy 2017: How an Effective Trade Policy Orientation can give
Expression to Seychelles Development Vision, (Prepared by C. Preville) 07/2008

22. Report of Informal Consultations Held with WTO Members and Institutions in
Geneva Preparatory to Resumption of WTO Accession Negotiations for Seychelles,
(Report prepared by C. Preville) 07/2008
25. Mid-Term Review of the Negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement
between CARIFORUM and the EU: Implications for Agriculture and Farmers of the
Windward Islands”, (Report prepared for IFAD, 2006);