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World Trade Organization (WTO)
Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
Last Updated: September 20, 2012
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EU-US trade talks: moving closer to the initiation of negotiations
Rich and Emerging Nations launch talks on services trade deal
Workshop being held in Lesotho on services trade negotiations (UNCTAD.org)
Trade negotiations matter to everyone
EPA - EU's fight for raw materials and markets for its products (Ghanaweb.com)
Lending agencies urge WTO 'trade facilitation' pact (reuters.com)
Doha impasse casts shadow over informal farm trade talks (ICTSD.org)
The EPA, the WTO and Botswana's beef industry (mmegi.bw)
G20 extends free trade vow despite split (reuters.com)
Increase in trade protectionism alarming, says Lamy (tax-news.com)
Trade negotiations are utterly pointless - we should declare free trade
unilaterally (telegraph.co.uk)
Pacific ACP region's engagement in EPA with the EU (scoop.co.nz)
Freeport "Ideal VAT testing bed" (Tribune242.com)
APEC Trade Ministers aim for green goods list by September (ICTSD.org)
APEC ministers vow to facilitate trade amid Doha impasse (bworldonline.com)
China supports speeding up Doha Round negotiations (english.cri.cn)
EAC says EPA negotiation 'on course' with EU (tax-news.com)
EAC allays fears on EPA negotiations (thecitizen.co.tz)
The elusive EPA (southerntimesafrica.com)
Rwanda: Exporters decry EU restrictions (allafrica.com)
Southern Africa: SADC EPA partners face-off with EU (allafrica.com)
Be careful on EPA talks, Eala cautions bloc (thecitizen.co.tz)
EPA negotiations on course, EAC interests safeguarded (starafrica.com)